Episode 3 – The Due Date Special

Enjoy this extended episode with The Three Cool Cats up to their usual tricks.

Its the dues date for Steve’s first born and that can only mean one thing, a podcast. This is Steve’s last chance to cram in preparation for the birth of his son.

As well as resident midwife Cheryl giving tips and information on feeding a newborn baby the episode features two very special guests; Steve’s wife Shelley letting him know exactly what she expects of him during the birth and Steve’s brother Micky makes it a family affair with his hilarious appearance in this episodes Dadhacks (oh and lets not forget the gate crashing gangly idiot).

Apologies for the expletives, its too much hard work bleeping them all out.

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Episode 2 – Battered in the ring

The Three Cool Cats get to grips with; what not to feed your pregnant partner, the best kinds of pain relief available during birth and what is fundamentally better to have, a son or a daughter. We also hear from our wonderfully tolerant resident midwife ‘Ch’eryl and experienced dad Jamie in our new item ‘Dadhacks’

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Episode 1 – Pilot

In this pilot episode Steve, Rob and Ash; debate what is needed in a hospital bag for when mum goes into labour; call their resident midwife to discuss the best and recommended positions of labour; and explore how you might tell a 5 year old about the birds and bees. It’s a daducation.  

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